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Growth and upliftment of an economy like India lies in the hands of young generation. Our young generation dreams and aspire to reach new heights and be a part in the growth story of our country. For this the talent and ideas need to be recognised and a backup support is required. Government of India has taken a number of initiatives to help this young blood and ultimately which contributes towards the economic development of our country. Its goal is to engage academics, investors, industries, non-governmental organisations, and large and small business owner. Many research studies have been done to signify the role of government in the upliftment of the start-ups in India. Adding to it, in this paper an insight on the reforms taken by various regulatory bodies of India in their specific field has been discussed and also an analysis on impact of increase in the no. of recognised start-ups on the GDP and Financial Markets performance has been done. In this study we also concluded that there is positive relationship between number of Start-ups and GDP, BSE index and with Exports.


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